Details for Album #7: Charlie Ryan - "Hot Rod Lincoln"

Year: 2000
Release Date: 3/24/2012
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Disc #Track #ISRC 
11QMRXW1200047 Hot Rod Lincoln

12QMRXW1200048 Let's Try Again

13QMRXW1200049 Side Car Cycle

14QMRXW1200050 House Next Door

15QMRXW1200051 Burlington Chase

16QMRXW1200052 Never Alone

17QMRXW1200053 Hot Rod Hades

18QMRXW1200054 Along the Border

19QMRXW1200055 Rocket Race

110QMRXW1200056 Hot Rod Guitar

111QMRXW1200057 Chicken House Boogie

112QMRXW1200058 Beautiful Carolinas

113QMRXW1200050 Dream

114QMRXW1200060 Jack's Boogie

Contributing Artists:

Karl Bingle
Karl Bingle
Archiving and re-mastering engineer, producer.
Charlie Ryan
Charlie Ryan
Lead vocals, guitars, songwriting.

Liner Notes:

This is a great, 14 song collection from the original writer of the "Hot Rod Lincoln", Charlie Ryan. 

The song "Hot Rod Lincoln" was written by Charlie Ryan in the late 1950's and first hit Billboard's top 40 charts with his release of the song in 1960 where it peaked at #33.  Singer Johnny Bond also did a take on the song and it peaked at #26.  Since then, the song has become a part of the hot rod culture in the United States and abroad.  Countless covers of the song have been done including releases by Commander Cody and Asleep at the Wheel.  The song has also been featured in movies such as the "Beverly Hillbilies" and on dozens of television shows.

This CD features Charlie's version of his famous song as well as 13 other great country/rockabilly tunes.  Charlie is a rockabilly icon and hall of fame inductee.  If you like old country/rockabilly/swing then you'll love this album!

The music on this album was captured from Charlie's personal taped archives in 2000 at Mission Control Studios in Spokane, Washington.  Produced by Karl Bingle.  Cover photo by Jack D. Bingle.