Details for Album #6: Karl Bingle - "Hard Rock Comedy"

Year: 1999
Release Date: 3/24/2012
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Disc #Track #ISRC 
11QMRXW1200041 I'm in Love With My Car

12QMRXW1200042 Crown Victorian Copper

13QMRXW1200043 Every Now-n-Then

14QMRXW1200044 I've Got a Wedgie

15QMRXW1200045 In Your Mouth

16QMRXW1200046 Crackhead Christmas

Contributing Artists:

Karl Bingle
Karl Bingle
Lead vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards, writer on all but "I'm in Love With My Car". Engineer, producer.
Chris Collins
Chris Collins
Backing vocals. Lead vocal on "Crackhead Christmas".
Steve Goodman
Steve Goodman
Bass Guitar.
Brook Marie Humann
Brook Marie Humann
Backing vocals on "Crackhead Christmas".
Tyler Kaufman
Tyler Kaufman
Lead Guitars, acoustic guitar and backing vocals on "Every Now-n-Then".

Liner Notes:

This short album (EP) contains 6 songs that will make you crank up your stereo and get a good laugh at the same time.  The album features the Queen favorite by Roger Taylor, "I'm In Love With My Car" and 5 other great songs by Karl Bingle.

Track Notes:

"I'm in Love With My Car" features a version similar to the live version that Queen performed in the 1970's - 1990's. 

"Crown-Victorian Copper" is a song about how cops must percieve themselves - especially the ones that drive Ford Crown Victoria's.

"Every Now-n-Then" is a fun acoustic bit about a guy that gets frustrated with work and life in general.

"I've Got a Wedgie" pokes fun about what must really be going through the minds of people in boring corporate meetings.

"In Your Mouth" is a double-entendre, fun acoustic piece sung by a bunch of friends after too many beers.

"Crackhead Christmas" is a song about the irony of a bunch of crackheads riding their bikes around in the snow during the Christmas season.

Karl Bingle: Lead Vocals, backing vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums.Steve Goodman: Bass guitar.Tyler Kaufman: Lead guitars.Chris Collins: Backing vocals on "I'm in Love With My Car" and "Crackhead Christmas".Brook Humann: Backing vocals on "Crackhead Christmas".The Gang (Randy Kneifel, Terry Svir, Ryan Cowan, Karl Bingle): Backing vocals on "In Your Mouth".

Recorded & Mixed at Mission Control Studios in Spokane, Washington, 1999.Produced by Karl Bingle.