Details for Album #44: Sami Scot - "8 Songs by Sami Scot"

Year: 2014
Release Date: 4/25/2014
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Disc #Track #ISRC 
11QMRXW1400438 Hold Me

12QMRXW1400439 I Can't Help It

13QMRXW1400440 By the Way

14QMRXW1400441 Make Me Believe

15QMRXW1400442 Remember What I Said

16QMRXW1400443 Girl in The Mirror

17QMRXW1400444 I'm Like a Top

18QMRXW1400445 Is This the Ending

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Liner Notes:

Long time solo performing artist Sami Scot currently resides in Chicago where you can still see her performing 
5 nights a week. Sami has traveled the world as a singing solo piano player. 
She has enlisted some of the best musicians in Chicago to join her in this recording. 
Please enjoy!