Details for Album #4: Professor Balls - "Mudbath"

Year: 1995
Release Date: 3/5/2012
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Disc #Track #ISRC 
11QMRXW1200018 Mudbath

12QMRXW1200019 Temporary Things

13QMRXW1200020 Permission

14QMRXW1200021 All That You Want

15QMRXW1200022 Anything Goes

16QMRXW1200023 Remember

17QMRXW1200024 Time Spent Away

18QMRXW1200025 Take it Back

19QMRXW1200026 Love is Insane

110QMRXW1200027 Disclaimer

111QMRXW1200028 Bondage Woman

Contributing Artists:

Jack Bingle
Jack Bingle
Engineer during drum tracking.
Karl Bingle
Karl Bingle
Drums/percussion, backing vocals, piano on "Love is Insane", songwriting, engineering, co-producer.
Eric Bjorklund
Eric Bjorklund
Aaron Boschee
Aaron Boschee
Bass guitar.
Eric Burgeson
Eric Burgeson
Lead & backing vocals, guitars, keyboards, songwriting, engineering, co-producer.
Russ Hoffer
Russ Hoffer
Tenor & Baritone saxes.
Michael Lenke
Michael Lenke
Horn arrangements, trumpets.

Liner Notes:

Professor Balls "Mudbath" is a blues/rock album that features the slide guitar work of former Foghat guitarist Eric Burgeson.  If you're looking for a CD that just feels good to listen to, this is the one.  The songs are generally medium tempo, feel-good tunes with a little toungue-in-cheek comedy thrown in here and there.  "Remember" is an upbeat tune features a very Chicago blues sounding horn section whereas "Love is Insane" sounds very Beatlesque.  The title track, "Mudbath" is a toungue-in-cheek shot at politics from a non-partisan point of view.  All in all, this is a great album to listen to - and you'll want to listen more than once!

Recorded & mixed at Mission Control Studios in Spokane, Washington.   Engineered by Karl Bingle and Jack Bingle.  Mixed by Karl Bingle and Eric Burgeson.  Originally released in 1995.  Released digitally (online) in 2012.

Professor Balls is...

  • Eric Burgeson: Lead Vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Karl Bingle: Drums, backing vocals, piano
  • Aaron Boschee: Bass guitar

The "Mudbrass Horn Section" is...

  • Mike Lenke: Trumpet
  • Russ Hoffer: Tenor & Baritone Sax
  • Eric "Nimrod" Bjorklund: Trombone

Produced by Eric Burgeson and Karl Bingle.Recorded at Mission Control Studios in Spokane, Washington in 1994.Originally released in 1995.Digitally released online in 2012.Engineered & mixed by Karl Bingle, Eric Burgeson and Jack Bingle.