Details for Album #19: Michael J. Dwyer - "As Real As It Gets"

Year: 2012
Release Date: 6/30/2012
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Disc #Track #ISRC 
11QMRXW1200233 Real World

12QMRXW1200234 Everybody Gets Burned

13QMRXW1200235 Where Did All the Good Guys Go

14QMRXW1200236 Gimme Love

15QMRXW1200237 Days That Might Have Been

16QMRXW1200238 Blink

17QMRXW1200239 The Strangers

18QMRXW1200240 Dancing in a Mine Field

19QMRXW1200241 Climb Up Through My Window

110QMRXW1200242 Love Bird

111QMRXW1200243 Long Way

112QMRXW1200244 I'm Not Alone Anymore

Contributing Artists:

Karl Bingle
Karl Bingle
Drums, percussion, backing vocals, engineer, co-producer.
Chris Collins
Chris Collins
Backing vocals. Lead vocal (duet) on "I'm Not Alone Anymore".
Michael J. Dwyer
Michael J. Dwyer
Lead Vocals, backing vocals, guitars, keyboards, songwriter (all songs), co-producer.
John Herner
John Herner
Bass guitar.

Liner Notes:

This album project has been a labor of love, working with the people I love.  I wish to pay special thanks to my pal, Karl Bingle, owner and engineer of Mission Control Studios and Mission Control Records.  Karl not only engineered the album but also played the majority of the drum and percussion tracks plus added some vocals.  A special thanks goes out to Jack Bingle for laying down an awfully tasty drum track on Blink.  Special thanks also goes out to my long time friend John Herner who graciously laid down the bass tracks on the entire album.  Special thanks goes out to Chris Collins for her extraordinary vocal performance on this record.  Last but not least, I wish to thank the wife of my youth, Georgi, for believing in me and loving me as I continue my musical journey and for embracing the lonely nights.

All songs recorded and mixed at Mission Control Studios.All songs mastered at The Sound Lab.

All songs written by Michael J. Dwyer, (c) 2012 by Michael J. Dwyer Music/ASCAP151 Ballantyne St., Apt. 18El Cajon, CA 92020Phone: 509-389-8246

Photography: Michael J. Dwyer, Natalie Taylor, Minet Taylor

Produced by Karl Bingle & Michael J. Dwyer(c) 2012 Mission Control Records, All Rights Reserved